5 Finger Scale Exercise

      5 Finger Scales are great exercises to warm up the fingers and maintain finger strength. Unlike other scale exercises, the 5 finger exercise includes the use of all 5 fingers the entire time. Click this link to see all 12  keys.












     In order to execute this scale, start with your right hand and play the C- 5 finger scale. The "C" 5 finger scale consist of the notes C D E F G.  Place your 1st finger ( Thumb) on the "C", next place your 2nd finger on the "D"(pointer finger). Continue this pattern until you end up with your 5th finger (pinky) on the "G" key.  Play each note one at a time from C to G and then back to C. 

     Repeat the process with your left hand. Take note that with your left hand you actually start the scale with your 5th finger (Pinky) on "C". Likewise, you end the scale with your 1st finger of your left hand on"G". 

     Click here for a chart on Finger names.