Know the Name of the Notes


          When you First look at the Keyboard, you will notice that it is made up of a pattern of black and white keys. There are groups of two black keys and there are groups of Three black keys. Overall, there are only 12 keys that repeat over and over again. The white notes are named by the 1st seven letters of the alphabet.    A   B   C   D   E   F   G 


          A good way to remember the name of the notes is to associate the two black keys with Chopsticks. Chopstick begins with the letter “C” and the white key that is at the immediate left of the pair of black keys is “C” key. In addition, you can think of the black notes as a fork. Fork begins with “F” and the white note at the immediate left of the three black notes is the “F” key. Once you figure out one note you can use that note as reference because the white keys will always be in alphabetical order.


          There are a total of 5 black notes. Each note can have two different names. i.e. ( “A” sharp or “A” flat) Find the “A” key. The black key to the Left of the white “A” key is “A” flat. ( Ab) The black key to the right of the white “A” key is “A” sharp. (A#)