5 things you need to know before your first piano lesson:

#1 You don’t need a grand piano to start learning the Piano.

Contrary to popular belief, you can start learning piano with whatever you have. It can be a grand piano, upright piano, or a simple keyboard. It really doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you get started. For years I played a Casio keyboard with 61 keys instead of the normal 88 keys on a grand piano.

#2 You don’t have to be born with the gift of music and you don’t have to practice 8 hours a day.

The quest to become a competent musician does not require any special gifting or hours and hours of practice. I have taught many students who started from scratch and are able to play their favorite songs. You just have to consistently spend a little time with the piano. It’s like going to the gym: You can have an effective workout and not train like a bodybuilder.

#3 There are 12 notes on the piano

At first glance, the piano can be intimidating. There are lots of notes on the piano. 88 to be exact. However, if you look closely, their are 12 notes on the piano that are repeated over and over again. Every song you have ever heard was composed with just 12 notes.

#4 Start at your skill level

One of the biggest mistakes that beginning pianist make is picking a song that is beyond their skill level. If you are a non-runner and have a desire to enter a race, it is highly unlikely that you will compete successfully in a marathon. The appropriate race would probably be the 5K run. Likewise, when learning the piano you want to pick songs that you are actually capable of learning in a day or two.

#5 Enjoy yourself.

Laugh at yourself! Have fun! It's not a chore. It's a vacation with lots of stops. Explore each stop as if you were aboard a cruise ship with many interesting ports. Lastly, see yourself playing your favorite songs. “I think, therefore I am.”

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