“I do not have a music gene in me.”

The above statement was recently quoted to me by a gentleman who seemed to show interest in learning how to play the piano. Although he had a desire to learn, he was discouraged by the fact that he had never played. I also suspect that no one in his immediate family plays an instrument.

I get how one can arrive at that conclusion. I mean, can you learn to play the piano if you have never been exposed to it? From the outside looking in, a competent musician seems as though they were “born with a music gene.” In today’s world, we are only a few clicks away from discovering some 4 year old 3000 miles away who can barely recite the alphabet “destroying” the piano. (Destroy in a good way)

I have good news! It is not required that you have to have a special gene to play the piano. The only thing required is a desire to learn. I guarantee you I can take care of the rest. You can literally learn a song in minutes. Playing the piano is no different than pressing buttons on your phone.

Yes! If you can send a text, you are qualified to learn piano. If you can type 45 Words per Minute on a keyboard, you are overqualified and should consider teaching piano. As a matter of fact, if you have ever put together furniture from IKEA, you are qualified to learn piano. If you have ever stood in line at the DMV for more than an hour, you are qualified to learn piano because during that time you could have learned several songs.

Basically, if you can breathe, you can learn the piano. I truly believe that. For proof, take the Charlie Brown Challenge. It’s free. You will learn how to play the Charlie Brown theme song in less than 10 minutes.

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