I don’t have a piano, but I still want to learn!?

I have this thing that I like to do. I’m pretty sure it cuts my productivity in half. Nevertheless, I like to watch TV while practicing piano. It’s very relaxing to me to lean back on the couch and play an instrument. It’s very easy to do with the acoustic guitar. Very hard to do with a real piano. I decided to go and buy a battery operated keyboard. This purchase helped me replace the piano bench with the couch. Mission accomplished! I can now sit on the couch and play the piano while watching football.

I was reminded of a very valuable lesson. You don’t need an actual grand piano to get started. “Start with what you have.” If you have a cheap keyboard, use that. I promise you, it will get the job done. As a matter of fact, most of my personal practice is done on the “battery operated” keyboard. It’s convenient and it has a volume button that I use to keep from disturbing my family and neighbors. I’ll take it a step further. I’ve actually used this same keyboard many times to play at various events that lacked an onsite grand piano. Check out the photos below. I recently used the cheap battery operated keyboard at an upscale hotel in Washington, DC and received lots of compliments from guest.

The real inspiration for this post came from a person on social media. They mentioned that they wanted to learn to play the piano, but did not have a piano. This is a common concern. In today’s world, the barrier of entry to learn music is very minimum. A good piano can cost thousands of dollars. However, you can get a keyboard like the one I purchased for about $150. If you search hard enough, you may be able to find a keyboard on craigslist for as little as $50. As you progress on your music journey, you can explore the option of getting a more expensive keyboard to match your skill level. If you have a acoustic piano to learn on. Great! If not, use a cheap keyboard.

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