Play "Old Town Road" with two fingers.

Old Town road is a hit song in today's popular music. I recently created a quick video to demonstrate how this song and thousands of others like it can be played with only two fingers. Most songs have two notes that you absolutely have to play. One is the melody line and the other is the root note. The "melody line" is the most memorable part of a song. It's the star of the song. It stands out and is normally played with the "higher" notes on the piano with your right hand. On the other hand, the root is the foundation of the song. It supports the melody. If the melody is the tree that we see above the ground, then the root note is the roots of the tree underground. A song's root notes are played on the low end of the piano with your left hand. Click the link below for a video demonstration.

Old town road played with two fingers.

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